There’s a lot of reasons to love “The Raid 2” but this moment in particular is beyond special.
I won’t spoil anything, but this fight is simply one of the finest and most flawlessly choreographed martial arts moments since the 80’s. Honestly, while watching it make sure you keep your eye on all their movements. They move like nothing I’ve seen before.
They fight for what feels like twenty minutes and it doesn’t get repetitive. Granted, it devolves into raw, desperate brutality but it’s raw, desperate brutality with flare.
The audience I watched it with preferred the fight prior tot his (again, no spoilers) but there’s no way I thought that one was better. This is why I watch martial arts films. For shit like this.

This should go down as one of the greatest of all time.

He’s a very dangerous boy.


Happy Easter.


"Quand la violence s’empare du monde, priez pour qu’il soit là!"
Mad Max - George Miller - 1979


the night rider

mad max director george miller 1979